Fallen Officer Plate Update

Operation 10-24 Florida License Plate


Dear Friends,

In August 2015, we reached our first milestone by selling 1,000 pre-ordered “Fallen Law Enforcement Officer” specialty plates.  The State of Florida has now sent these pre-orders to 3M who will complete the graphic design work for the plates.  Once that is completed the graphics will be sent to PRIDE who will create the actual plates.  Once that is done the plates will be shipped to the Tax Collectors offices throughout the state where the pre-ordered plates were purchased.  The Tax Collectors will then contact the customers to have them pick up the plates.  The State of Florida has told us we should have our plates by early December 2015.

As I mentioned above, this is just the first milestone.  We still need more people to purchase the plate. Please get the word out to your family and friends.  Post the plate on your social media accounts.  Help us get the word out.  There are so many people who have never heard of the Police and Kids Foundation or the Fallen Law Enforcement Officer plate so we need your help.  Now that we have sold our required pre-order limit anyone who wishes to purchase a plate can just go to their tag / Tax Collector office and request the Fallen Law Enforcement Officer plate.

Thank you for all your support,

Tracey Schofield