Dear Friends,

Every day police officers and teachers in our community confront situations where children need their help.  These children may be hungry, need clothing or are victims of crime.  Many times during these types of situations a quick response by caring person may go a long way in assuring that the immediate needs of the child are met.  Unfortunately, the current process to handle this type of situation can take hours, days or may not be available at all due to budgetary restraints or other reasons.

Realizing the many needs of our children, the Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. was created in an effort to provide a helping hand to our communities’ children in their time of need.

The Police and Kids Foundation, Inc is a non-profit 501( C) 3 charity that has been set up with two objectives in mind.  First are the immediate needs of a child that we determine is in need of help. The Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. may provide funding so responding officers may purchase items required to help the child in need. This assistance will be determined by the responding officer but may include food, infant supplies, clothing or obtaining a replacement to lost, stolen or damaged property. The ultimate goal is to stabilize the situation quickly with as little trauma to the child as necessary. The Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. may also use funds to support other organizations that support our goals.

Second, is the creation of a scholarship for at least one senior student of the Pinellas Park High School Criminal Justice Academy. The future of our profession begins with programs such as the Criminal Justice Academy. We support the Criminal Justice Academy and realizes the important correlation between a college education and a successful future.

To reach our goals, we need your help. We work in our communities every day and realize just how difficult things are for everyone.  This understanding is what helped create the Police and Kids Foundation in the first place.  If you are able to provide financial help in any way we would greatly appreciate your support.

All donations are tax deductible and receipts are available upon request.  All contributions are used at the sole discretion of the Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. Please make checks payable to the Police and Kids Foundation, Inc. and mail them to the address below.  You may also make donations through PayPal or view news, stories or events information by visiting our web site at www.policeandkids.com or by contacting us at (727) 647-0175.


Tracey Schofield
Police and Kids Foundation